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Type 2 Diabetes | Symptoms, , Causes, Treatment, and Diabetic Diet

  Contents [ hide ] Introduction Diabetes is a prevalent chronic condition affecting millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by high blood sugar levels caused by the body's inadequate production of insulin or its ineffective use (Type 2 diabetes). This article will focus on Type 2 diabetes, providing insights into its symptoms, treatment options, the significance of maintaining normal blood sugar levels, and the role of a diabetic diet in managing the condition. Type 2 Diabetes: An Overview Type 2 diabetes accounts for approximately 90% of all diabetes cases and primarily develops in adulthood. However, the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in younger individuals is on the rise. Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, sedentary behavior, and obesity contribute to the development of this condition. Genetics also play a role in determining an individual's susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes Recognizing the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes is crucial

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